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Dirty Bird Soap Questionnaire

Dirty Bird Soap Questionnaire

Do you want to sell to all countries or just the US?

Do you want your site to automatically include tax calculation? If so can you verify the tax percent (I believe you charge 6% for anyone in IL and 0% for orders from other states)?

How do you measure your products (ie weight – kg, g, lbs, oz)?

As well as dimensions?

Do you want to allow people to leave reviews?

How do you want stock information to display? I know we agreed to allow people to order out of stock for now but here are some options:

Do you want to offer pickup as a shipping option?

What is your source zip code for shipping?

Do you want to allow either of the following payment methods?

What is your paypal email?

Do you have a preferred shipping type? Here are some options – I would probably just recommend priority mail as that is what I use:

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Natalie Adams

Owner/Technical Lead at Allos Technologies, LLC
I have worked on a wide range of projects including personal and contributed to several open source projects. I know many languages including C#, C++, PHP, SQL. Published author (Operating System Algorithms). I work with both Windows and Linux on a day to day basis.

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