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Let AllosTech handle all your IT needs!

Allos Technologies is a IT company that provides a wide range of services. From computer repair to phone service – we are a one stop shop for all your technology needs.

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Cell Phone Repair

Is your cell phone running slow or did your dog chomp on it and you need to recover data? Bring it in and let us take a look!

Computer and Electronic Parts

Do you need some resistors for a project? Need new computer parts but need some advice on what you should buy and where? Come on in and we will offer you personal consulting to make sure you don’t waste your money and time!

Laptop or Desktop Maintenance and Repair

Did you get hit with a virus or malware? Is your computer running slow? Bring it in and let us repair it!

Personal Services

Allos Technologies is a company where we offer one-on-one personal services. Services are not outsourced and you can easily get in touch with the owner. We also offer one-on-one tutorial lessons on whatever technologies you want (including programming!).

Web Hosting

We have many years of web hosting experience from simple static webpages to dynamic e-commerce systems. We can even help you setup an inexpensive PBX to block those phone telemarketers for good.

3D Printing

We have several 3D printers ready to fabricate whatever you can imagine including: cell phone cases, Raspberry Pi cases, and even planters.

Ready to have a professional website or need affordable IT service?