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Krista Liona Kijanowski

Allos Tech does an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL job at not only completing a task, but helping you understand what it is exactly they are doing for you with in-depth explanations. I’ve questioned work from other companies not really knowing if their service warrants the price, Allos Tech goes above and beyond providing quality for the price to the point this is the only company I’ll work with as far as anything tech related. Always EXTREMELY informative! If you are a tech dummy or just need a little help, this is the place to go with.

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Natalie Adams

Owner/Technical Lead at Allos Technologies, LLC
I have worked on a wide range of projects including personal and contributed to several open source projects. I know many languages including C#, C++, PHP, SQL. Published author (Operating System Algorithms). I work with both Windows and Linux on a day to day basis.
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